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Press Release: Syndacast Leads the Way in Connected TV Hotel Ad Campaigns, Focused on Family Audiences

BANGKOK, THAILAND, March 22, 2024 – In the constantly-changing landscape of digital advertising, Syndacast emerges as a trailblazer by launching innovative hotel ad campaigns on connected TV, specifically targeting families to drive deep awareness in the domestic markets for its hotel partners. With the advent of […]

Press Release: NYC English Appoints Syndacast as its Global Social Media Communications Agency

Salt Lake City, USA. Press release. Source www.nycenglish.nyc 15 March 2024 — NYC English is thrilled to announce the appointment of Syndacast, a leader in digital marketing solutions, as its Global Social Media Communications Agency. This appointment is in preparation for NYC English’s imminent move into […]

The Power of Direct Marketing and Why Syndacast is Your Key to Success in 2024

If you want to take charge of your hotel’s future, increase revenue then the direct marketing channels are the solutions for your hotel. Direct marketing lets you connect with your guests directly, increase your revenue, and create memorable experiences—all without relying on third-party platforms and […]

Google Local Campaigns, what they are and how they work.

Do you know about Google local campaigns? Their main objective is to attract potential customers to your physical locations. To do this, Google provides its main platforms for marketers and advertisers such as Google Maps, Google Display, Youtube, Business Profile and the Google Search Network. […]

Syndacast Clinches Asia Best of Best Awards for Hospitality Marketing Excellence!

Bangkok, Thailand, December 2023 – We are excited to share the incredible achievement of Syndacast, we have been awarded as the Asia Best of Best Awards Winner for Best Marketing and Advertising Company in Hospitality 2023 by Golden Tree, Dubai. Established in 2008, Syndacast has […]

A Quick Interview with Syndacast on SEO Work for Hotel Industry

On October 10, 2023, Tom Nguyen, MD of Syndacast was invited to an interview with a number of Thai hotels at a digital marketing event. The interview focused on the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing in the Thai hotel industry. Here is Tom Nguyen’s […]

Syndacast is Nominated for Asia Best of Best Awards

Syndacast is nominated as Best Marketing & Advertising Company – Hospitality in Asia Best of Best Awards 2023 for the excellent contribution and hard work in the industry

10 Reasons Why Syndacast is the Ultimate Choice for Result-Driven Marketing Campaigns

In the complex and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, brands are constantly on the lookout for partners who can deliver not just promises but concrete results. Syndacast, a unique player in the digital marketing realm, has been making waves for its unparalleled approach to result-driven […]

Syndacast Revolutionizes Hotel Marketing With Advanced AI Audience Targeting

BANGKOK, September 20, 2023 (syndacast.com) – Syndacast, a prominent digital marketing agency based in Asia-Pacific specializing in bringing in direct business for luxury hotels and travel, is excited to introduce significant updates to its AI real-time bidding system, reaffirming its commitment to innovative solutions. Central to these […]

Unlocking Hotel Success: Why Syndacast is Your Ultimate Marketing Partner

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, where customer preferences and trends shift like quicksand, boutique hotel brands face a constant challenge to stay ahead in the marketing game. It’s a complex dance between attracting guests, retaining them, and ultimately driving revenue. Here’s where Syndacast, the […]

Syndacast at The Hotel Virtual Summit in Bali July 2023

We are excited to announce that on 20th July 2023, Syndacast’s Managing Director, Tom Nguyen, was a featured speaker at the Hotel Virtual Summit at The Magani Hotel & Spa in Bali with the participants from 60 different hotels. During the event, Tom shared invaluable […]

Google’s 50% Marketing Budget Cut During COVID-19 – What It Means

It would be 100% true to say that COVID-19 has affected revenue in many businesses, some more drastically than the other. Besides digitization, the more cash reserve a business has, the better chance it will survive. Many companies that we know are forced to turn […]

You’ve just launched a new website, now what?

Do you know that it usually takes months for a new website to start having substantial organic traffic on the internet? Having a website is only like having a storefront, you will need to let people know about this address and what it offers so […]

Smart Upskill for Digital Marketers during COVID-19

It is safe to say that COVID-19 has made most people truly appreciate the jobs that they have, even with less pay, and would try to perform better in their role for now they understand the value of keeping their job. For Syndacast, we are […]

Digital Marketing Tips during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global economy and various industries in ways we could not estimate. Businesses are looking for solutions to survive, maintain operations and to repair. As a digital marketing company, Syndacast has seen a lot of changes in the user behavior […]

What makes an effective digital marketer?

What makes an effective digital marketer? We have been asked this question often enough, by both management teams at various companies and by marketers who are turning digital. For management, it is a different story because depending on company structure, product and the customer journey […]

Syndacast on Branding at E-Biz Expo Asia 2018

Today 8 June, 2018, Syndacast’s Managing Director, Mr. Tom Nguyen joins the E-Biz Expo Asia 2018 in Bangkok as the keynote speaker. His one hour session titled “Brand transformation in the digital landscape” covers the key highlights that Tom Nguyen has learned over his past 15 years from […]

Syndacast on Omnichannel Marketing

Today 23 April 2018, at The Landmark Hotel Bangkok, our Company’s Managing Director, Tom Nguyen is the guest speaker at the Asia Business Connect conference on: OmniChannel Marketing, Customer Insights & Experience Management in the Digital Age. The conference was held amongst many senior marketers, […]

Syndacast Marketing 4.0

Technology has changed the way we live. Customer behavior today is no longer the same as before. We are always connected to digital devices 24/7 and we rely on those devices to find, discover and purchase. Shopping online now provides better user experience and you […]

2017 Digital Trends

2017 Digital Trends

Evolution of New Tourism Feeder Markets in Thailand

TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) is showing great interest in tapping new potential markets. When the January 2017 statistics are compiled, Thailand expects to see high growth in visitor arrivals from Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Cambodia, and Saudi Arabia. These and other emerging markets are still […]

PPC Automation is the New Nanny

The premise that humans can make a better judgement than AIs may no longer hold true when it comes to Adwords’ PPC Automation. According to Google Adwords, its automation uses advanced machine learning to help it tailor the right bid to each and every auction.

Syndacast on Programmatic Display Advertising at Digital 16

At Digital 16, a digital marketing conference that took place on 26 January at the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong, our Head of Business Development APAC Oliver Wilke, gave a talk on the topic data-driven programmatic display advertising. His main talking points included display marketing, retargeting and […]

What is Content Amplification?

Have you heard the term called content amplification? Content amplification is a term used to define ways content can be amplified, using specific channels online. Below are several websites or channels you can use to distribute your content to reach your audience. Let’s take a […]

Syndacast at Content Marketing Forum 2016

On October 3rd, Oliver Wilke, Head of Business Development APAC, Syndacast took center stage at the Content Marketing Forum 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel; presenting methods that drive successful advertising campaigns to target audiences. The points discussed in at the forum were: 1. How to […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2017

In just a few short months, 2017 will be upon us and with it; new trends will dominate the digital landscape. Let’s take a look what they are and how you can benefit from them. First of all, let’s take a look at mobile; since […]

Why Digital Media Matters for Travel Industry?

Our Business Development Team, led by Oliver Wilke, was invited to present digital marketing solutions to over 50 travel agencies that are working within the Galileo network. The event took place at Galileo headquarter in Bangkok and covered the following main topics: Why Go Digital? […]

2016 : Digital transformation and its mighty impact in tourism industry

On April, 8th 2016, our Head of Sales, Oliver Wilke, was invited to be the speaker in one of the biggest digital event “Spark Conference 2016: Digital Transformation presented by Dtac” at the heart of Bangkok, Siam Pavalai Paragon Cineplex at Siam Paragon. The event takes […]

Team in Action! Social Media Trends 2016

Today, 25 February 2016, a senior member of our content & optimization team, Juraiporn Paparpun took to the stage, elaborating on Social Media Trends for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus in 2016 alongside other digital marketing experts at the ADF digital innovation 2016 conference (InterContinental […]

Chic in 2016: Web Design Trends a la Mode!

Last year, flat design walked the runway. This year, flat design is out and ‘almost flat design’ (aka Flat 2.0) is in! What does that mean? While flat design is effective in terms of supporting usability and user navigation because it’s simple and clean which […]

Instagram Ads: Redefining the Parameters of Non-intrusive Advertising

What’s so compelling about advertising on Instagram? The action points are exactly as what you would do with a friend’s organic post! Instagram ads are essentially the typical Instagram photos and videos that seamlessly get displayed right there in your feed. For a while now, marketers […]

Syndacast’s on Measurement, Analytics & ROI

Today, 19 November 2015 (The Landmark Hotel), our Director, Tom Nguyen shares his digital marketing expertise at a conference on: The Latest Measurement Trends, Big Data and Predictive Analytic for Marketing Optimization Along with other industry professionals and experts, Tom explains the inside-outs of Marketing […]

The Great Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

The importance of digital marketing continues to soar through the years with the development of complex search algorithms to innovating world-changing technologies that set the milestone for change. In the past months, the digital landscape experienced a myriad of changes that paved the way for […]

[Infographic] The State of Mobile Marketing 2016

Deciding on how to allocate your mobile marketing budget for 2016? Let’s take a look at some key statistics to help you decide. Key statistics for mobile marketing in 2016: Around 80% of internet users search via their smartphones. While around 9% search via smartwatches. […]

To like or to “dislike”, that is the question

Yes, we are talking about Facebook’s new dislike button, which turned out to not literally mean the thumbs-down icon. Mark Zuckerberg and his team launched Facebook in February, 2004. Five years later, the Like button was added and the world went crazy with ‘likes’. Why […]

Digital Assistants: Taking Search Optimization to a New Level

First and foremost, when we talk SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we tend to instantly think of Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. However, there’s actually much more to SEO. The practice covers optimization for anything and everything that is heavily designed […]

“Voices of SYNDACAST” – Panadda Roongruangratanakul on Social Media in Thailand

At Syndacast, we feature a colorful spectrum of individuals from across the nation and international borders to be a part of our growing community. Everybody at Syndacast is unique and excels in what they do best. We possess a handful of talented digital marketers, programmers, […]

SEO Tips: Did You Know These Search Ranking Factors?

When we talk about SEO and search rankings, we tend to zoom into the topic of link building and content marketing, while in fact there are other important factors to consider as well. In this article, let’s take a look at 3 highly significant search […]

Why the ‘Viral Phenomena’ is not Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a term online marketers are all too familiar with; content marketing is about marketing content that appeals to people to promote brand awareness and develop brand loyalty. Over the years, content marketing flourished, giving rise to the importance of quality content, strictly […]

From A Digital Marketer to Another

I was recently approached by a friend who wanted to switch her career from traditional marketing to digital marketing. She wondered, is it really that different? While it took her a while to get a whole picture of the digital marketing channels, it really was […]

Data is Sexy, Says Data Scientists

Data research, while proven in value in some fields, is now becoming accepted in the corporate world. As more and more businesses are learning to rely on the use of analytics and data to push forward, statistical research is growing in demand in the market. […]

Post-Hummingbird: Link Building is Much Alive and Kicking.

While there is all the new hype on the rise of content marketing after the launch of Hummingbird, many online marketers end up questioning the importance of links? Has content marketing really become the new SEO and link building no longer matter? There’s many reasoning […]

Your Facebook Life

If you check your Facebook account several times a day, chances are you’ve already seen this. Seen What? Your Facebook Life. Yes, you. A video about your life on Facebook ever since you first created an account went live online on Tuesday. It’s basically an […]

Syndacast at Spark Conference Event this Friday

Spark Conference 2014 is here and Syndacast is one of the sponsors! There will be lots of prizes to be won and activities such as creating your own Digital Citizen Card. As such: So where and when will all the fun start? Date: Friday 24 […]

Khun Thitapa Pituksang (Lexy) – On Core Values

Bringing you this week is a video, highlighting Syndacast’s very own Regional HR Director, Miss. Thitapa Pituksang or Lexy for short. In charge of all things administrative and official in the company, Lexy in charge of conducting interviews to find the right people for the […]

Ready for Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday’s just around the corner this December 2, 2013. Are you ready for it? Cyber Monday is the Monday right after Thanks giving when online spending is said to jump to as high as 25%. In Europe, this day is more commonly termed as […]

Chief Operating Officer, Michael Brockett on the Future of Marketing

In this video, Syndacast’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael Brockett discusses why digital marketing is the future of marketing. The #1 reason being the fact that digital marketing is Measurable. See the full video here:

What’s the Future of Online Marketing in 2014? Predictions and Projections.

Online marketing will only get bigger and better in 2014. This year we saw many changes, new tools and new perspectives brought into play. All of these have built a foundation for digital marketing in the year 2014 and beyond. First of all, analytics have […]

What is Adboost?

So what is AdBoost? The Short Answer: Syndacast’s powerful proprietary RTB Display Advertising solution. If you’re new to RTB Display Advertising, learn more about the technology and how it could help your business from our fast track guides to RTB Display Advertising, DSP and DMP. The […]

What is DMP (Data Management Platform)?

Assuming you already know what DMPs are and how they work in digital advertising alongside RTB and DSP, skip to the advanced information; download Syndacast’s AdBoost fact sheet here. DMP (Data Management Platform) is in fact not a new solution but is one that has […]

What is DSP (Demand Side Platform)?

Understanding DSP (Demand Side Platform) Already versed on what a DSP (Demand Side Platform) is? Just skip to the advanced part and download Syndacast’s AdBoost Fact Sheet here. In order to participate in RTB (Real-Time Bidding); if you haven’t read our guide on RTB, read […]

How does RTB Display Advertising Work?

First off, if you’re already an expert on what RTB (Real-Time Bidding) Display Advertising is, then go for the advanced stuff. Download Syndacast’s full AdBoost RTB Display Advertising Fact Sheet. Moving on, for anyone still fuzzy about RTB, let’s start with the question of what […]

Negative SEO Attacks: What Are They and The Consequences?

Every time we talk about SEO, it’s always about ways to increase visibility in search results and about increasing organic traffic. “Little do we know that the exact same expertise used to help websites gain visibility could very easily take the website down.” It all […]

Banner Ad Retargeting

Banner Retargeting or commonly known as Banner Ad Retargeting is one of the most effective tools to use in order to increase conversion rates, brand awareness, profitability and ultimately, website traffic. What exactly is banner retargeting? Banner retargeting is focused on visitors who repetitively return […]

Digital Marketing: Emerging Trends

Doing business has drastically changed these past few years. It is no longer about making sure you have an online presence for your business; that is a given. Try doing a mental list of your competitors; do they have some sort of website running? More […]

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Doy Moreau on Online Marketing

Digital marketing can be mind-boggling with so many industry-specific jargons that gets thrown back and forth. So which outlet should you invest in? Would SEM or SEO yield more conversion for your business? Or should you do both at the same time? What about Social […]

Getting De-indexed by Google: Top 5 Website Characteristics to Avoid

So you’ve launched your website, started to see some traffic and over the course of the next few months, enjoyed continual increase in traffic as your website starts to appear in search results for different keywords. All of a sudden, your site sees a sharp […]

Conversion Rate Optimization – Rules of the Game Revealed

Syndacast is a digital marketing agency known for its expertise in employing strategically creative marketing tools and strategies to drive not only traffic but conversions for client websites. What exactly is a conversion? It’s in other words a website ‘goal’ for which the most common […]

5 Smart Business Trends to Ensure Success in Online Marketing

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when starting off small business to eventually transform into a well-established business via online marketing. These are the top 5 strategies that work quite well, when properly adapted and executed. Targeting the Right Audience A […]

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