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Smart Upskill for Digital Marketers during COVID-19

It is safe to say that COVID-19 has made most people truly appreciate the jobs that they have, even with less pay, and would try to perform better in their role for now they understand the value of keeping their job.

For Syndacast, we are amongst the lucky ones who are able to work from home while helping our clients. While the digital industry allows us to maintain productivity remotely, because the amount of work has reduced significantly during this time, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve our skills.

So, let’s use this crisis to your benefit as you can upskill, to not only keep your job, but also advance in your career as a digital marketer:

  • The first thing we recommend each marketer to do is to review yourself on where you need improvements first: marketing strategies, presentation skills, excel skills, sales skills, copy writing skills, DNS, domains, web-hosts, analytical data, email marketing platforms, Google Anlaytics, Google Tag Manager, Search console, SEM, SEO, social, programmatic platforms, ad serving technique, creative technique, rich media, HTML, WordPress, etc. By looking at the truth of what you admit you are not confident at, you will know what to focus on. There are many courses with certification that you can join and upskill quickly:

While reviewing yourself on the tasks that you need to perform every day to what the company needs, you need to also look further, where you want to advance your career, so your vision is not narrowed by the day-to-day tasks only.

  • Get the necessary certifications: if you have not had the basic certifications, this is the right time to obtain this knowledge and get certified, such has: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Marketing Platform, Google Video Ads, and Facebook Blueprint.
  • Learn several new tools: if you are already a skilled marketer, then the first thing we would like to recommend is to spend ½ – 1 hour a day to explore new marketing tools: DNS, hosting, EDM, creative tool, market research tool, content marketing tool, project management tool, CRM, data bridging tool, website analytics tools, SEO tool, SEM tool, keyword tool, CMS, etc…
  • Follow the industry experts: digital marketing is a broad field and it’s a race in knowledge and skills, so it’s important to spend some time to keep yourself updated with the industry experts by following their blogs and vlogs. You will learn more than you can imagine.
  • Learn more on video: video editing apps and basic editing techniques. As a marketer, you will be required to be able to work with different creative formats and video is usually overlooked, and chances are your work can be delayed just because you lack some basic skills to trim a video or to create some interesting slideshows.
  • Do you understand how a website is built and the code? Can you handle a database and write some SQL commands? If not, your career will need these skills sooner than later. A true digital marketer doesn’t wait for people to fix his/her site or investigate their problem. A true digital marketer is an explorer, a problem solver, and a person who accepts a job and figures it out along the way. Figuring out new things is the main reason they are hired, not because of what experience they had in the past. So learning a new programming language, mastering HTML, database or building a new website are all necessary if you haven’t tried.

We can foresee now that the job market will be much more competitive after COVID-19, it would be the ideal time for companies to find new talents, restructure and innovate. So people’s skills and knowledge will be put to test more than ever. People with the same skills and knowledge on their jobs will be replaced by better talents after COVID-19. This is the time that raw and real talents will stand and employees will have to take their jobs very seriously. Luckily, most tech people are built for adapting and learning, they can teach themselves new skills constantly and are eager to explore new methods and innovations. So our view for a post COVID-19 economy in the digital sphere would be an optimistic one.

Please also check out our previous post on “What makes an effective digital marketer?” if you really set yourself on this career path. If you are a brand looking for a digital solutions or a marketing agency, you are also in the right place. Click here to have a coffee with us.

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