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Travel & Hospitality

Performance-driven digital marketing agency, preferred by global hotel and travel brands.

What if your hotel ads could precisely target individuals who have recently booked flights to your destination? Imagine being able to deliver a more compelling message to these potential travellers when they are considering your competitors. No advertising platform currently offers this level of precision, but Syndacast can. By leveraging both our in-house and 3rd-party intent data, we can accurately display ads based on user importance, real-time intentions, and relevance. This is why Syndacast empowers you to attain a remarkable ROI for your media campaign or effectively run a revenue share campaign.

Intent Audience Data Lists

Enhance your campaign with intent audience data to target those who are most likely to be your inbound travelers according to their online behavior and current interests.

Real-time Dashboard Reporting

Keep track of your campaign as it happens with key visual analytic features to help you better understand your audience and their engagement.


We offer a free consultation session and a dedicated manager to work with you on your campaigns.

Personalized Monthly Report

We offer our client an in-depth personalized monthly report with insights and recommendations from our data scientist.

Optimization Engine

Budget is constantly optimized by both human expertise and machine learning (AI) as all activities are tracked under the same platform.

Ad Fraud and Brand Safety

Ensure that your brand is well represented digitally by avoiding placing ad next to an inappropriate content or fraud.

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