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Strategies, tools, and platforms that enable hotels to enhance online presence

Press Release: Syndacast Leads the Way in Connected TV Hotel Ad Campaigns, Focused on Family Audiences

BANGKOK, THAILAND, March 22, 2024 – In the constantly-changing landscape of digital advertising, Syndacast emerges as a trailblazer by launching innovative hotel ad campaigns on connected TV, specifically targeting families to drive deep awareness in the domestic markets for its hotel partners. With the advent of […]

The Power of Direct Marketing and Why Syndacast is Your Key to Success in 2024

If you want to take charge of your hotel’s future, increase revenue then the direct marketing channels are the solutions for your hotel. Direct marketing lets you connect with your guests directly, increase your revenue, and create memorable experiences—all without relying on third-party platforms and […]

Maximize Hotel Website Conversions – A Practical Guide for Better Conversions Rate In 2024

According to Industry benchmarks, the average conversion rate for hotel ranges from 1% to 3%, this is the indicator for hotels to know you are performing well in converting visitors to customers or not. If your hotel has already gained a stable monthly traffic coming […]

A Quick Interview with Syndacast on SEO Work for Hotel Industry

On October 10, 2023, Tom Nguyen, MD of Syndacast was invited to an interview with a number of Thai hotels at a digital marketing event. The interview focused on the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing in the Thai hotel industry. Here is Tom Nguyen’s […]

Hotel’s Win-Win Revenue Share Marketing Solution

Are you looking to maximize direct bookings and profits without the burden of big marketing budget? Discover how Syndacast’s innovative “Win-Win Revenue Share” solution can help. Here’s how it works: 1. Harnessing Traveler Behavioral Data: We collect and analyze travelers’ data from social media, recent […]

Make the best of Q4 for your hotels with seasonal promotions.

The hotel direct booking journey involves strategies to encourage guests to book rooms directly with a hotel rather than through third-party booking platforms. Getting market share & revenue during Q4 & Q1 are critical for hotel to achieve the yearly target.Here are some recommended offers […]

Syndacast Runs Successful Local Campaigns to Promote A Local Spa and A Fine Restaurant in Krabi

Syndacast, a leading digital marketing agency for hotels, recently ran a successful campaign to promote a local spa and restaurant in a 5-star resort in Krabi, Thailand, using Google Local Campaigns. The campaign goals were to: Increase awareness of the spa and restaurant among potential […]

Attracting more guests this festive season – Special offers that yield high performance for resort bookings in Q4 2023

To drive more direct bookings for this coming year-end holidays, besides boosting the ad budget in the right feeder markets, luxury resorts should consider promoting enticing and exclusive special offers. After the observations and discussions with our hotel partners, our consultant team at Syndacast has […]

Syndacast’s Remarkable Success in High ROI For All Hotel Campaigns in 2023

In 2023, Syndacast team achieved remarkable success in their hotel campaigns by achieving a staggering 99.5% of campaigns with a Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) higher than 1000% (tracked revenue is more than 10 times ad investment). This outstanding performance was the result of Syndacast’s […]

Syndacast Revolutionizes Hotel Marketing With Advanced AI Audience Targeting

BANGKOK, September 20, 2023 (syndacast.com) – Syndacast, a prominent digital marketing agency based in Asia-Pacific specializing in bringing in direct business for luxury hotels and travel, is excited to introduce significant updates to its AI real-time bidding system, reaffirming its commitment to innovative solutions. Central to these […]

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