We drive digital performance through smarter audience targeting, big data, machine learning and creativity. Contact us today and build a winning experience-based digital marketing solution with Syndacast.

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Media Campaigns

We deal with challenges & maximize opportunities.

Adboost 360

For new business launch or long term growth

AdBoost 360 is our true Omni-channel approach in which we no longer track media channels separately. With this campaign, every customer's touch-point is a part of the journey to be analyzed and optimized, all in one place with a holistic view, building long term growth of a brand.

Intent Data

The power from within

Besides machine learning and optimization, big data is our core value. With 300+ million users segmented by their purchase behavior, financial status, demographics, and relevant intent, plus access to unlimited intent data from partners, our campaigns perform incredibly well in almost any industry.


Buying audience based on their value, not cost

The game changer for brand awareness. With unlimited audience data from Syndacast and its partners, our campaigns minimize wastage and perform better. Enabled for: images, gif images, HTML5 banners, rich media ads, In-Stream video ads, native ads, interstitial ads, etc...

Video Marketing

Digital video solutions

Aside from creating videos that perform, Syndacast also helps brands to distribute their video in a smarter way, including but not limited to: YouTube Trueview video, YouTube masthead, In-stream video ads across the web, social video ad, native video ad, and rich media video banners.

Social Ad

The pioneer in Asia on social ads

With a rich history of social advertising for 500+ brands and 20,000+ projects, today as a part of ADBOOST 360, our social ads spread on various platforms, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Line, and Twitter. All optimized in one system with AI learning and human expertise.

Search Marketing

Old channel, done in a brand-new way

With Syndacast's historical data from more than 20,000 projects, machine learning and Omni-channel optimization (the optimization engine is ADBOOST 360 that manages all channels in one place, not just search alone), your search campaign inherits all benefits, it means your budget is managed a lot more wisely and better results will be gained.

Digital Audit

We assist you to reach the next level

With a team of digital veterans, we provide free consultation to work out your goals and challenges. We also can help you to audit your digital readiness, website usability, as well as your current digital strategies. Talk to our team.

Talk to Syndacast

Whether you're interested in our services or need an expert audit on your digital activities, we'd love to hear from you