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Google Local Campaigns, what they are and how they work.

Do you know about Google local campaigns? Their main objective is to attract potential customers to your physical locations. To do this, Google provides its main platforms for marketers and advertisers such as Google Maps, Google Display, Youtube, Business Profile and the Google Search Network.

What are Google local campaigns?

Local campaigns are Google ad campaigns designed to provide potential customers with the information they need to decide when and how to visit shops. They streamline the process, making it easy to promote shops on Google’s most prominent inventory: the Search Network, Maps, YouTube, Gmail and the Display Network.

Google Local campaigns are optimised to find the right people, reaching consumers with the highest potential to visit a business. They are triggered at the right time based on user intent, distance to a venue, local searches, map searches, etc.

They employ the right message and use standard creatives optimised to drive traffic to an establishment.

How do local campaigns work on Google Ads?

Automated Optimization

Local campaigns focus on the growth of offline business objectives. You simply provide shop locations, campaign budget and ad assets. Based on this data, Google’s machine learning technology automatically optimises bids, ad placement and asset combinations.

Maximizing Value

The goal of this type of campaign is to maximise the value of your shop through in-store visits, increase your offline sales and promote your locations through Google inventory.

Where can Google Ads local campaigns appear?

Google Maps

Local campaigns help attract customers when they plan their visits to different destinations. Navigation ads display relevant information about your business in relation to products or services that users might be interested in.

Google Search

Google matches your ad with search terms that are relevant to your business and your location.


Google Ads can show your ads on YouTube where they are most likely to attract potential customers to the shop.

Google Display

You can also choose to have your ads appear in the most relevant locations for your brand on the Display Network.


Your Local Campaigns ads can reach Gmail users on all mobile surfaces. In this case, this format is only available for Local Extension Local Campaigns.

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