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Banner Ad Retargeting

Banner Ad Retargeting

Banner Retargeting or commonly known as Banner Ad Retargeting is one of the most effective tools to use in order to increase conversion rates, brand awareness, profitability and ultimately, website traffic.

What exactly is banner retargeting?

Banner retargeting is focused on visitors who repetitively return to the website for its services. The website tracks their cookies and displays ads which are relevant to them. The ad may appear throughout the website or on specific pages at specific locations.

Banner Ad Retargeting

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What is an example of banner retargeting?

A prime example of banner retargeting practices is travel ads. Travel ads may appear on a certain website you go to because you previously searched for travel deals in the past, for example. Cookies are stored on the website and are appropriately displayed when you return to that specific website and page.

The same can be said for any product or service you maybe researching for. Cookies track each click made on the website and it works in conjunction with other advertising channels to show what you want to see.

For example, you may visit website A to search for Brand X makeup but decide to go to try website B instead because website B seems to have a better promotion. Arriving at website B, ads of website A appears (thanks to cookies) which now displays a better promotion urging customers to click it and return to website A.

The advantage of banner retargeting allows an increase of ROI (return on investment) and establishes the frequency of the ad’s repetition for increased ad impressions.

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