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Mobile Optimization Ready to Go in 2015

Mobile Optimization Ready to Go in 2015

Over the course of 2014, many trends have carried over from 2013’s predictions and have since evolved to accommodate the fast-paced rate of digital marketing trends. Trends such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing were the big winners of 2014. Continuing on through the end of the year, new trends will be adopted and optimized for the upcoming year.


In 2014, content marketing established itself to being one of the most essential components for a thriving business. Content marketing is the pathway that connects businesses to customers (B2C). It paved the way of allowing social and legitimate interaction between both parties. It opened communication lines which importantly, the audience was not simply viewed just as a ‘consumer’ but instead, a fan or follower.

The importance of content marketing and the rising use of mobile devices and tablets prompts businesses to now view these platforms as a means of exploiting measurable benefits of contenting marketing. This sparks the shift into solidifying mobile marketing and social media marketing as a pillar for businesses, small or large.

With more people using their handhelds, it comes to no surprise businesses are required to adapt to the changing platform, so to speak. Many applications have realized the importance of social media marketing and are slowly implementing ways for customers to purchase items without exiting the app. Twitter, for example, is currently testing out this payment method to allow users to purchase items with a few simple taps. For businesses using Twitter, it serves as a gateway for easier and convenient purchases as desktops are slowly but surely, becoming an obsolete platform.

Mobile-optimized content will reign supreme in 2015. With a smaller screen, comes a bigger responsibility. Responsive web design will be even more critical in 2015. Websites for mobile phones will be completely optimized to welcome to-the-point fresh content (which will be different from the main desktop website) and there will be a rise of mobile-only specific ads. All of the content and ads created will target each person as a unique individual.

Coupling with mobile optimization, is social media marketing. It is said social ad spending will increase to gain more exposure as organic newsfeeds are becoming obsolete. Businesses will compete and many will allocate a significant amount of their budget for social media ad placements in social channels that is relevant to the users. Businesses will need to reinvent the way they interact with their audience.

Most interactions done through social platforms will mostly be attributed through the use of mobile phones, tablets and perhaps, phablets as well. Mobile optimization will be used to its full potential in 2015 which will allow businesses to get more up close and personal to customers like never before.

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