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With the immense number of content we get bombarded with every day while marketing Gurus enthusiastically share know-how, tips and tricks on social media marketing and what not, you might be thinking: so what’s new about this article and why should I spend time going through it?

Well, we bring you the hidden meaning behind the letters combined to make this very word – TWITTER.

Apparently, there’s more than meets the eye. What exactly could it mean? Let’s find out…

T – Targeting
Targeting the right audience at the right time in the right context with the right keywords can be the Mantra to reach your potential followers.

Targeting the right audience can be challenging when you’re fairly new and don’t have any established audience yet. This is where industry-specific influencers play a significant role. Since these influencers already have a large audience base and many followers, connecting with such influential people can send good traffic to your Twitter handle or even website and eventually influence the buying decisions.


W – When to Tweet
Defining the right time to tweet can be very tricky. Simply going by what experts recommend might not really work for you. You really do need to have a very good grasp of a few factors before you start scheduling your Tweets.

Your Geographical Location will primarily determine the timings for your tweets. If you would like to cater to audience from different regions, creating a Twitter handle per region is an effective option.

Next, your percentage of Social Engagement with the target audience is another key. If you’re only broadcasting content to users, there is a very low probability that they would suddenly engage with the tweet. This in itself can make it difficult for you to establish the perfect time to post a tweet.

In the end, engaging in the users region will give you the best idea when to tweet for the highest engagement possible. Does that mean you have to be up at odd hours if you’re halfway across the globe? Absolutely not! You can always make use of some of the great tools out there. For instance, Hoot suite’s auto schedule tool is very useful. It not only helps you to schedule tweets but helps you choose a time based on when your Tweets have performed the best. You could find a pattern of tweeting at the best times possible.

I – Integrate Content
Twitter works in almost real-time. What this means is: if you keep your other marketing efforts on different forums updated and integrated with Twitter, you may very well rapidly get a response.

For instance, if you’ve launched a photo contest on Facebook but haven’t updated onto your Twitter Handle; you’re essentially losing out on new potential and vice versa. You might want your tweets to show up on Facebook as well.

T – Tweet & Re-Tweet
Conversations on Twitter are just like the head-on happenstances you have with customers every day. Writing a Tweet is as good as painting, it’s an art with a scientific twist. Not only would your tweets need to be short and precise, they should also be good enough to sprout a dialogue with your followers. Even though it might not immediately convert into an action, it should at the very least get them thinking.

Aim for a tweet ratio of 4:1, where 4 out of every 5 tweets should emphasis on driving communications with your followers, such as Retweets, Quote Tweets, Replies, Favorites or even Mentions. The bond you build here can turn into some direct actions by your followers.

Having said that, never forget to stick to your Content Marketing Plan, if you haven’t developed one yet, start by looking at a competitor Twitter handle, and see how they have handled conversations and what content they are sharing.

That’s the beauty of Twitter; it lets you sneak into almost everything…heehaw!

T – Track & Analyze
Unlike the initial years of Twitter, whereby the number of followers was the only metric used to judge the popularity of a handle, it is now very much more than just about quantity.

Retweets, mentions, follower growth are some key metrics to start with; alongside evaluating the influence of your tweets and the emotion of the conversation can depict a true picture of your handle’s performance.

E – Engage & Encourage
The most crucial of the entire Twitter Strategy is Engagement.

Going by your content strategy, you need to provide exciting and useful bits of information by retweeting stimulating data or even run a contest. Running a contest will not only keep your current followers engaged, but also build your number of followers. Once your content starts getting an overwhelming number of response and your tweets begin striking the right chord, people will mention you, Retweet and Favorite your tweets, and eventually follow you.

R – Retain & Reconnect
60% of Twitter users quit within the first month says Mashable . Well, do not fall prey to that percentage. Simply make sure you always have quality followers who engage and interact with you. Think fresh content, innovative ideas to reward your followers, fun contest and similar tactics to continuously reconnect and retain your most loyal followers.

The Real Meaning behind TWITTER just does not end here, there is much more evolving and happening each day. In this informative and content driven world, Twitter is just one of the opportunities not to be missed.

All you need to do is keep looking, keep engaging and keep tweeting!

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