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Once Upon A Time in Content Marketing Land [INFOGRAPHIC]

Once Upon A Time in Content Marketing Land [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content Marketing, a form of marketing that builds your brand with the use of effective, high-quality written content to connect your brand with customers and boosts engagement. Content Marketing comes in many forms: Articles, infographics, podcasts, powerpoint presentations (slideshare), guest blogs, blogging and a whole handful of others. The basis of content marketing is not for the thrill of getting cheap links for a measly amount of link juice, it’s way more than that. Content Marketing is for those who wish to create awareness for their brand, whether they’re doing it online or offline.

Here, we present our interpretation of the rise of Content Marketing through a colorful and adventure-packed infographic entitled: Once Upon A Time in Content Marketing Land…

Infographic by Syndacast.com

Once Upon A Time in Content Marketing Land… Written Stats:

– Content Marketing has been around for quite sometime but it didn’t make a real impact until 2010.

– Content Marketing doubled between 2010-2013.

– Business Marketing integrated Content Marketing into their marketing strategies to build their brand from the ground up.

– There was a significant increase in brand awareness, in assumption, in both online and offline media. Thus, the increased customer engagement and interaction between brands and customers.

– With the help of social media, news of the brand spread like wildfire online; the brands were reaching out to audiences efficiently. Also, brands were beginning to be well-known through word of mouth.

– Communication with prospects became much easier.

– Increased PageRank thanks to unique visits and traffic.

– High quality content doesn’t get stale.

– 92% of marketers plan to use Content Marketing.

– 58% of B2B and 60% of B2C will increase content budget in 2014.

– 25% of marketers plan to keep content a content marketing budget for 2014.

– A strong content team is required.

– Responsive design is a must and apps are not needed.

– Conversational query, or better known as the Hummingbird update stresses on ‘conversational search’ and ‘synonyms’.

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