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Case Studies

Hungry Hub – Scalability

The challenge

When we first met with the team at Hungry Hub – a restaurant deal booking website & app, we realized that the business model was straight forward and the company did have an idea how they can bring values to the market. 2 big problems: their marketing budget is limited and not so many people know about them yet.

The strategy

We knew that the market is there and audience are not too hard to find. But can we really drive value to the business with a very tough cost per acquisition target? Syndacast approached the project with multiple experimentation.

Our strategists carefully crafted the audience lists, from prospecting to retargeting lists. Then the specialists at Syndacast built the first campaign with a minimal budget to test different ads, channels, touch points, audience groups, and hyper-local targets.

We work closely with the Hungry Hub team in order to share insights and immediate feedback from the experiments. We also align offline and online activities together.

The results

Not every business can scale. Especially for local businesses.

Hungry Hub is one example to prove that a great business model that brings value can scale pretty fast without investing millions of Baht each month in marketing.

We are now investing 5 times the initial monthly budget and cost per acquisition and ROI maintain satisfactory because of the smart targeting and machine-learning optimization.

We believe this is just a start.

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