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Google Voice Search Users and How They Use it

Google Voice Search Users and How They Use it

Did you know you can search Google using your voice? For some it might be something new but for some its old news. This function was introduced back in June 2011 and only is supported in Google Chrome. Here’s a quick video on how to use the function.

Google’s Mobile Voice Study (Northstar Research) recently conducted a survey amongst 1,400 Americans across all age groups through an infographic which clearly shows who uses the voice function where and how they use it exactly.

55% of teens (aged 13 – 18 years old) use Google voice search more than once a day.

41% of adults use the feature everyday and 56% use it becomes it makes them feel tech-savvy.

Here is the first infographic which shows how teens and adults use the voice function during the day.

Google Voice Search

Image Cr: Google

You will notice that teens use the search function much more than adults and are quite comfortable using it while with their friends or watching TV. In comparison, the general number of adults who use it are much less than teens and when they do use it, its when they are mostly watching TV.

Here is another infographic which shows what they use the search function for.

Google Voice Search

Tell us how you use Google Voice Search?


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