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Google Pays Adblock to Whitelist Ads

Google Pays Adblock to Whitelist Ads

Adblock Plus, as many consumers are aware is an ‘add-on’ developed to block ads on a website. The extension can be downloaded in browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera. In addition, the service is extended onto Android devices for an improved and hassle-free internet surfing.

According to an Austrian news website, Horizont, it is reported Google is paying Adblock Plus, and its parent company Eyeo, to whitelist their ads. Simply put: Google wants their ads to be displayed on the websites they choose along with the ads they want.

On Adblock Plus’s official website, the service states they do charge companies who wish to whitelist their ads for a fee. The fee is used to support Adblock Plus by providing regular updates, bug fixes and enhance further usability.

Adblock Plus

Google is paying to be whitelisted as the website is heavily dependent on ads. When ads are blocked, Google loses money. To compensate for the loss, Google wants their ads to be displayed to ensure their ads are not labeled as spam and are hidden from the general public. Google wants advertisers to benefit from advertising Google ads. In a sense, Google is balancing their marketing strategy for a win-win situation; the website gains traffic and perhaps, conversions. Google gains money from clicks from ads.

It is still uncertain how much Adblock Plus will charge Google or companies whom want their ads to be whitelisted. The price will have to be right. Ads will have to be monitored if in fact, it hinders or enhances a user’s website navigability as well.

However, there is no solid confirmation Google is actually paying Adblock Plus to whitelist their ads as of yet.

Image Credit: chrome.google.com

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