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Digital Matters#7: Syndacast on Mobile Marketing 2014

Digital Matters#7: Syndacast on Mobile Marketing 2014

On 16 October 2014, Syndacast’s team joined thumbsup Digital Matters event #7 at LaunchPad Bangkok. Along with other experts and digital gurus, Patrick Lozare and Chalit Theerachitkul from Syndacast shares with event participants insights on “Mobile Marketing: The Next  Gen with Real Time Bidding and Measurement Performance”.

A round of applause to the duo for their in-depth insights into mobile marketing. Click here to download the Mobile Marketing Big Data Presentation.

Thumbsup Digital Matters 2014



– “Today about 80 percent of teens between 12 and 17 own a cell phone, and about half of those own a smart phone. That’s about twice the rate from just 2 years ago.” – Shawn DuBravac (Chief economist at Consumer Electronics Association)

– Programmatic Buying refers to automated purchasing of digital ad inventory, circumventing the human managed process of buying ad space via contracts or insertion orders.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) is the automated approach to selling and purchasing display ads one impression at a time through a bidding process that takes milliseconds.

Real Time Bidding

– Benefits of RTB include Streamlining, Targeting and On the Fly Optimization. Streamlining is about reducing friction as mobile advertising involves a complicated workflow. Targeting is about targeting specific audiences according to a set of criteria, at a specific time and specific geographical area. Finally, on the fly optimization is about setting RTB parameters that will automatically adjust in real time.

– Growth of Mobile Usage and Inventory: The time spent with internet by device in the US has exceeded traditional desktop this year.

– Twitter launches mobile app promotion to all advertisers globally

– Mobile inventory growth is expected to increase to $94.91 billion dollars by 2018.

– Mobile internet advertising spending in Asia Pacific is expected to hit $18.5 billion dollars by 2017.

– Contextual advertising and geo-targeting is advertising based on advanced GPS position and geo-location services.

– Measuring Performance sees two main keypoints: the click through rates and secondary actions (CTR vs SAR).

– Optimizing for CTR had an adverse impact on secondary actions and store visits. Conversely, optimizing for secondary actions tended to depress CTR.


img credit: marketingland.com

– Results of Google and Ipsos new research show that half surveyed (42%) has used click-to-call in search. Google’s new research shows an average click-to-call conversation length of six minutes, suggesting the option can lead to decent level of engagement. 72% of click-to-call conversations lasted longer then 30 seconds.

Click to Call

img credit: econsultancy.com

– Native Advertising: “In the future, all advertising on social media will be native in-stream ads. The right rail and banners will disappear altogether.” – Jan Rezab, CEO of SocialBakers

– “To guarantee the ads you pay for actually appear and look great on all screens, you should insist to your ad agencies that your advertising creative be developed in a mobile-compatible format.  And the one open, industry-standard, universal format for building mobile-ready creative is HTML5.” – iab.

– Industries and spending forecast by emarketer.com shows that by 2017 it is expected that Asia-Pacific will be spending $13,061 million dollars on mobile internet Ad, North America at $29,067 million and Western Europe at $15,184 million.

– Facebook opens ad targeting to outside applications. The audience network uses the same targeting and measurement features that marketers already use when advertising on Facebook.

– More research into Micro-targeting means location data is not just about current location but patters of location.

Thumbsup Digital Matters 2014

Click here to download the full Mobile Marketing Big Data Presentation .

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