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2015 is About Optimizing for the Small Screen

2015 is About Optimizing for the Small Screen

If you’re reading this article on your mobile right now, try this quick exercise: Lock your mobile phone up and give the key to a friend with instructions not to give you the key back no matter what, until 24 hours have gone by. Are you hesitating before you’ve even started?

This is why 2015 is going to be the year when digital marketing is about optimizing for the small screen. For many people, their whole life revolves around the small screen. For digital marketers this is the key, the ultimate gateway to audiences and potential customers; because of how attached society is becoming to these little gadgets. How so?

Let me show you a quick demonstration of my own mobile home screen. This is how it looks. How many percent of the entire screen area do you think consist of a potential channel for digital marketers to penetrate audiences?

iphone screen 1

Well, it’s not rocket science really, but just to help you visualize how a digital marketer would probably analyze this screen:

iphone screen 2-1

Those in red are direct digital marketing channels while those in orange plays a large supporting role; simply because we tend to automatically share links ever so often with our contacts via Line, WhatsApp or iMessage. That looks like just about half of the screen is a digital marketer’s channel.

Social Media Marketing is on that screen.

Search Engine Optimization is as well.

Let’s not forget big data, SEM and display advertising. They’re all there.

Email marketing? Sure, see I have 33 unread emails.

Video marketing? Absolutely, take a look at YouTube for starters.

Content Marketing? Safari, WordPress and Flipboard says it all.

This is not to mention Instagram, Twitter and other online apps I have on the other screens. So if optimizing for the small screen is not yet part of your 2015 plan, then make it. We’re already halfway through 2014. Time to factor in the small screen to your 2015 plans!

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