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Hotel’s Win-Win Revenue Share Marketing Solution

Are you looking to maximize direct bookings and profits without the burden of big marketing budget? Discover how Syndacast’s innovative “Win-Win Revenue Share” solution can help.

Here’s how it works:

1. Harnessing Traveler Behavioral Data: We collect and analyze travelers’ data from social media, recent website visits, online searches, third-party audience data, and website interactions to target potential travelers.

2. Engage and Retain Prospects: Syndacast engages these prospects, encouraging them to return to your website.

3. Reporting: Our booking reports will be delivered to you for validation and you only pay for the results.

Here’s what you gain:

1. Profit Maximization: Maximize the revenue, increase profit margin.

2. Risk-Free: No upfront costs or risks. You pay only when you earn, ensuring a win-win partnership.

3. Expertise Access: Partnering with Syndacast means hotels can tap into the knowledge & experience learnt in the past 15 years from our 20,000 campaigns.

4. Global Exposure: Reach a wider audience and increase bookings with our extensive marketing expertise.

This win-win approach that helps hotels to reduce costs, leverages expertise, mitigates risks, and ultimately helps hotels reach the revenue goals efficiently.

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