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Syndacast’s Remarkable Success in High ROI For All Hotel Campaigns in 2023

In 2023, Syndacast team achieved remarkable success in their hotel campaigns by achieving a staggering 99.5% of campaigns with a Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) higher than 1000% (tracked revenue is more than 10 times ad investment). This outstanding performance was the result of Syndacast’s innovative approach to optimizing hotel campaigns, combining four key optimization processes that drove substantial Return on Investment (ROI).

1. Real-Time Budget Allocation (Liquid Budget Management by AdBoost):

One of Syndacast’s key strategies was real-time budget allocation according to performance and market demand. They treat the campaign budget as a dynamic resource, shifting it like liquid to ensure hotel campaigns received the most value from their daily budget. This flexibility allowed them to adapt to changing market conditions and allocate resources where they would be most effective. For example, they could allocate more budget to feeder markets showing strong potential or shift budget between advertising platforms to capitalize on the best-performing channels (the system optimizes 8 times every day).

2. Action-Oriented Optimization:

Syndacast went beyond traditional revenue-centric optimization with just 1 conversion point. Instead, they optimized for various actions that could ultimately lead to bookings. Actions such as checking availability, checking rates, and engaging in chat conversations were considered strong indicators of intent to book. By focusing on these actions, the campaign made smarter decisions, ensuring that the advertising spend was directed towards audiences more likely to convert, rather than just generate clicks or views.

3. Advanced Bidding System:

Syndacast has made certain innovations in its bidding system to refine ad targeting even more accurate audience groups. They now can target users purely based on their browsing behavior, such as which hotels they were looking at, competing offers they interacted with, and their overall importance as potential customers. This sophisticated approach allowed them to bid more wisely, ensuring that their ads reached users who were more likely to convert into bookings. This precise targeting improved the overall campaign efficiency and ROI.

4. Expansion into Specialized Channels:

To tap into niche markets, Syndacast expanded their advertising reach into specialized channels. They recognized the importance of catering to specific markets with unique platforms and user behaviors. This expansion included platforms such as Yandex Search for the Russian market, TikTok for Korea and the GCC region, Microsoft Ads to cover smaller search engines, and more. By diversifying their channel portfolio, they were able to connect with audiences that were previously untapped, resulting in increased bookings and higher ROAS.


Syndacast’s implementation of these four optimization processes yielded exceptional results. They achieved a staggering 99.5% success rate, with CTR 3X the market benchmark, CPC at 50% below the market benchmark, and their hotel campaigns consistently generating a ROAS higher than 1000%. This success not only made all their hotel campaigns profitable but also positioned Syndacast as an industry leader in digital marketing strategies for the hospitality sector.


Syndacast’s innovative approach to optimizing hotel campaigns in 2023, which focused on real-time budget allocation, action-oriented optimization, advanced bidding systems, and expansion into specialized channels, demonstrates the power of data-driven strategies in achieving remarkable ROI in the digital marketing landscape. Their case serves as a testament to the importance of adaptability, precision, and market diversification in achieving unprecedented success in the hotel advertising sector.

PS: the reason why it is not 100% campaigns that achieved higher ROI than 10 is because some projects are not tracked properly due to the policy of the hotel brands.

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